Gaming at HenryEdit

Horrid Henry GamesEdit

Horrid Henry at Home

Horrid Henry and the Gizmos

Horrid Henry goes to School

CBBC GamesEdit

SJA Academy

4 o' clock club rap race

Other GamesEdit


Gamez India gamesEdit

Last Action Hero

Train Shootout

Bitesize Games Ks1 Edit


Bitesize Games Ks2Edit


Additon and Subtraction

Teeth and Eating

Web of HenryEdit




Henry Own SitesEdit

Henry Old Website

Henry New Website

Henry Egging JokesEdit

Q.What did the chick say after it hatched?

A.It was eggscellent

Q.Where did the chick take its audition?

A.The eggs factor

Q.What role was the chick making the film

A. Eggsecutive Producer

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